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Bird Observer, Volume 11, Issue 5 (1983)

Bird Observer


Staff. 234.
Contents. 235-236.
Where We Went: Pelagic Trip to Georges Bank Sunday to Tuesday, 21-23 August 1983. 237-240.
George W. Gove.
Why Go to Georges Bank and Hydrographer Canyon? 241-242.
Wayne R. Petersen.
Altitude of Bird Migration. 243-252.
Paul Kerlinger.
Results of the 1982 Sparrow Migration Project. 253-254.
Michael Sharpe.
Detecting Song Sparrows. 255-258.
Leif J. Robinson.
Breeding Success of Purple Martins in Eastern Massachusetts. 259-262.
David E. Clapp.
Summary of Highest Counts of Individuals Recorded for Massachusetts Christmas Bird Counts, 1982. 263-266.
Janet L. Heywood, Robert H. Stymeist.
Field Records: July 1983. 267-274.
George W. Gove, Robert H. Stymeist, Lee E. Taylor.
Field Records: August 1983. 275-284.
George W. Gove, Robert H. Stymeist, Lee E. Taylor.
Field Notes from Here and There. 285-289.
Robert H. Stymeist, Dorothy R. Arvidson, Barbara Phillips, Andrew Williams.
At a Glance. 290-291.
Dorothy R. Arvidson.
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