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American Birds, Volume 25, Number 3, June 1971

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North American Birds


Range Expansion and Population Increase in North and Middle America of the White-tailed Kite (Elanus leucurus) 529-536
Eugene Eisenmann
The Centers of Learning 2: The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley 537-538
Ned K. Johnson
The Site Guide: Dauphin Island, Alabama 539
M. Wilson Gaillard
In Other Journals 540
Robert S. Arbib, Jr.
The Changing Seasons: Winter Season (December 1, 1970 - March 31, 1971) 541-546
P.A. Buckley
Regional Reports 547-630
Multiple Authors

Northeastern Maritime Region - Davis W. Finch

Hudson-St. Lawrence Region - Ned R. Boyajian

Middle Atlantic Coast Region - F.R. Scott and David A. Cutler

Southern Atlantic Coast Region - Robert P. Teulings

Florida Region - Henry M. Stevenson

Ontario-Western New York Region - Clive E. Goodwin and Richard C. Rosche

Appalachian Region - George A. Hall

Western Great Lakes Region - Thomas K. Soulen

Middlewestern Prairie Region - Vernon M. Kleen and Lee Bush

Central Southern Region - Robert B. Hamilton

Northern Great Plains Region - C. Stuart Houston

Southern Great Plains Region - Frances Williams

South Texas Region - Fred S. Webster, Jr.

Northern Rocky Mountain - Intermountain Region - Thomas H. Rogers

Great Basin, Central Rocky Mountain Region - Oliver K. Scott

Southwest Region - Patricia R. Snider

Alaska Region - Daniel D. Gibson

Northern Pacific Coast Region - John B. Crowell and Harry B. Nehls

Middle Pacific Coast Region - David De Sante and Arthur Wang

Southern Pacific Coast Region - Guy McCaskie

Work In Progress: East Coast Tern Watch 631
Haven Kolb
Going Places: Trips and Tours, August - November, 1971 668

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