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Bird Observer, Volume 10, Issue 5 (1982)

Bird Observer


Staff. 226.
Contents. 227.
Birding Rutland State Park - A Preliminary Report. 228-234.
Mark C. Lynch.
Small Shearwaters Are Not Always Black and White - And Neither Are Photographs. 235-242.
Wayne R. Petersen.
Georges Bank and Marine Birds. 243-248.
Kevin Powers.
Book Review: The Birdwatcher's Companion An Encyclopedic Handbook of North American Birdlife by Christopher Leahy. 249-251.
Dorothy R. Arvidson.
Book Review: A Field Guide to the Birds Coloring Book by Roger Tory Peterson, Peter Alden, and John Sill. 251-252.
Dorothy R. Arvidson.
A Lake and Pond Waterfowl Census. 253-256.
John W. Andrews.
The Christmas Bird Counts in Massachusetts. 257-260.
Robert H. Stymeist.
Meet the Plotopterids. 261-262.
John Kricher.
A Roadside Survey of Screech Owls Using Playback Techniques. 263-270.
John W. Andrews, Oliver Komar, Nicholas Komar.
Time for a Change: Check Your List! 271-272.
Robert H. Stymeist.
Behavior Notes. 273-274.
George W. Gove.
Field Records: July 1982. 275-282.
George W. Gove, Robert H. Stymeist, Lee E. Taylor.
Field Records: August 1982. 283-292.
George W. Gove, Robert H. Stymeist, Lee E. Taylor.
At a Glance. 293-295.
Dorothy R. Arvidson.
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