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Ontario Birds Volume 34 Number 2 (August 2016)

Ontario Birds


New species added to the Checklist of the Birds of Ontario: 1983-2016 57-67.
Mike V.A.Burrell, Kenneth G.D. Burrell
Changes in Ontario bird populations: 1983-2016 68-103.
Michael D. Cadman, Andrew R. Couturier, Jon D. McCracken, Donald A. Sutherland, Kenneth F. Abraham, Lyle E. Friesen, Christian. A. Friis, Kevin C. Hannah, Shawn W. Meyer, David J. Moore, Mark K. Peck, Douglas C.Tozer, D.V. Chip Weseloh
Reviewing the records 104-106.
Mark Peck
Ontario birding: a qualitative study on its practice in the field 107-116.
Gavan P. L. Watson
Birding in the ‘Old Days’ (pre-1980) 117-119.
Bob Curry
Embracing change—The evolution of Ontario birding: mid-1990s to 2016 120-122.
Jody Allair
Changes and advances in ornithological methods in the past 33 years 123-146.
Ken Abraham, Chris Risley, Chip Weseloh
Ontario Bird Records Committee Report for 2015 147-177.
Mike V.A. Burrell, Barbara N. Charlton
Changes in abundance of migrant warblers at Port Weller, Ontario:1993-1995 to2013-2015 178-197.
John E. Black, Tara L. Crewe
Colour morphs, downy and juvenile plumages of Trumpeter and Mute Swans 198-204.
Harry G. Lumsden
In Memoriam: Dr. David J.T. Hussell 205-208.
Jon D.McCracken

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