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Eastern Bird Banding Association News, Volume 36 Supplement (1973)

Eastern Bird Banding Association News


Foreword. 3-4.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
Eye line on Swamp Sparrows. 4.
Erma J. Fisk.
Female Cowbirds. 4.
Erma J. Fisk.
The Monk Parrot: Experiences and Memoirs of a New Immigrant. 5-10.
Richard D. Brown.
A Study of Wintering Broad-winged Hawks in Southeastern Florida 1968-1973. 11-29.
Eric Creighton Tabb.
Evening Grosbeaks at Peru, New York. 30-33.
Eleanor Washbourne, John Washourne.
An Unusual House Finch. 34-36.
Walter Post Smith.
Book Review: Of Mosquitoes, Moths and Mice by C. Brooke Worth. 36-37.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
Walter P. Nickell 1903-1973. 37-38.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
Further Speculations on Myrtle Warblers in Winter Plumage. 38-41.
Erma J. Fisk.
The Manual for Ageing and Sexing. 41-43.
Erma J. Fisk.
Distribution of Pintails. 44-52.
John H. Buckalew.
Membership Roll of the Eastern Bird Banding Association. 53-66.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
Book Review: Words for Birds by Edward S. Gruson. 66-67.
Dorothy J. Foy.
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