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North American Bird Bander, Volume 37, Number 3 (2012)

North American Bird Bander

Feature Articles

Age Determination of the Spot-breasted Wren and the White-breasted Wood-wren Using Molt Limits. 93-100.
Angelina Ruiz-Sanchez, Rafael Rueda-Hernandez, Santiago Guallar, Peter Pyle

News, Notes, Comments

Primary Feather Replacement on a Hatch Year Common Pauraque (Nyctidromus albicollis). 100-102.
Alan Monroy Ojeda, Manuel Grosselet, Georgita Ruiz, Jonathan Nochebuenas Jamarillo
50-year Trends of a Breeding Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) Population in South-central Montana. 102.
Ros Crandall, Craighead Beringia

Recent Literature

Recent Literature. 103-106.
Martin K. McNicholl


Birds of the Besnard Lake Area North-central Saskatchewan 1968-1994, by Jon M. Gerrard, Gary R. Bortolotti and Karen L. Wiebe. 107-108.
Martin K. McNicholl

Eastern Regional News

Announcement of the 2013 Joint Annual Meeting of EBBA and IBBA. 109.
Robert J. Pantle
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2011. 110-111.
Sue Finnegan
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2011 St. Andrews Bird Banding Station. 110-112.
Tracey Dean
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2011 Appledore Island Migration Station. 112.
Sara Morris
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2011 Manomet Bird Observatory. 112-114.
Trevor Lloyd-Evans
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2011 Wing Island Banding Station. 114-115.
Susan Finnegan
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2011 Dam Pond Maritime Reserve. 115-116.
George Rowsom

Inland Regional News

President's Note. 116.
Tom Bartlett
Lake Erie Bass Islands Avian Research Program. 117.
H. Thomas Bartlett
Notice - Back Issues Available. 117-118.
Cathie Hutcheson
IBBA Annual Report of Birds Banded, 2011. 118-122.
Brent Ortego

Western Regional News

Recording Subspecies: A Finer Tuning of Data. 123-124.
C. John Ralph
Western Bird Banding Association 2012 Annual Meeting Report. 124-125.
Walter H. Sakai
Scientific Program Abstracts. 125-130.
Walter H. Sakai
Klamath Bird Observatory Banding in 2011. 130-131.
Robert I. Frey, Jaime L. Stephens
New Longevity Records from PRBO's Palomarin Field Station. 132-133.
L.J. Harn, N.K. Elliot, D.L. Humple
WBBA to Meet in Spectacular Arizona Canyon 12-14 Sep 2013. 133.
Walter H. Sakai
Banders' Marketplace. 134-136.
Walter H. Sakai
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