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The Oriole, Volume 78, Numbers 1-4



Birdstrike in Georgia documents mixed-species flock of nocturnal migrating vertebrates 1-6
James F. Whatton, Carla J. Dove, Robert Greenwood
In Memoriam: Terry S. Moore 7-11
Robert A. Sargent, John Swiderski
Corrigendum 12
Renee E. Carleton, Robert A. Sargent
Bachman's Sparrow use of a gopher tortoise burrow as an escape refuge 13-15
Dirk J. Stevenson
House wren nesting in Macon 15-17
Todd M. Schneider
Influxes of Laughing Gulls (Larus atricilla) into Thomasville, Georgia 17-19
Robert L. Crawford
Corridor use by Bachman's Sparrows: over the fields or through the woods? 20
Clark D. Jones, Jason Coombs, Kirk Stodola, Robert J. Cooper
Robust design survival analysis of a migrant songbird breeding in the southern Appalachians, the Black-throated Blue 21
Mason H. Cline, Joanna L. Hatt, Michael J. Conroy, Robert J. Cooper
Urban foraging impacts on fecal corticosterone metabolites in White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) 21-22
Shannon E. Curry, Sonia M. Hernandez
Monitoring of a Golden-winged Warbler restoration project in Georgia 23
Geoff Nelson, Janice Crook-Hill
Vegetation analysis of a Golden-winged Warbler habitat enhancement project 23-24
John Paris White, Janice Crook-Hill
From the Field: December 2012-February 2013 25-37
Richard Hall
From the Field: March-May 2013 38-51
Richard Hall
From the Field: June-July 2013 52-61
Richard Hall
From the Field: August-November 2013 62-73
Richard Hall
Report of the Georgia Ornithological Society Checklist and Records Committee: January 2010-December 2010 74-82
James Flynn
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