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The birds of central Belize

V.D. Piaskowski, M. Teul, R.N. Cal, K.M. Williams, W.E. Martinez
Ornithological Ephemera
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The Birds Without Borders — Aves Sin FronterasSM project has been gathering avifaunal data at 3 different study sites in Belize, Central America since November of 1997. Bird banding was conducted within 6 distinct habitat types resulting in 3472 birds being banded. Fixed-radius point counts were conducted along 11 transects representing 11 different habitat types. Detailed vegetation measurements were conducted at specific locations throughout the study sites. Analysis of these vegetation studies will be utilized to determine bird–habitat relationships in the areas studied. The Birds Without Borders — Aves Sin Fronteras project has gathered information on population size and trends, reproductive success, bird–habitat associations and vegetation characteristics within specific localities in central Belize. In this paper we briefly summarize the results of some of the research conducted from 1997–2002. We also present a list of the species found at each study site during this time period and information on the Belize and regional conservation status of these species.

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