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Skeletal characters and the genera of warblers

J.D. Webster
Era of Allan Phillips: A Festschrift
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Skeletons of 98 species of 24 genera of Parulinae were studied. (The other 12 species and 1 genus have not been preserved as skeletons.) Skull, mandible, quadrate, hyoid, humerus, ulna, femur, tibiotarsus, sternum, ribs, and vertebral column were perused; 24 characters proved useful for generic distinctions. Taxonomic suggestions are: Moving Parula superciliosa and P. gutturalis to Vermivora; merging Parula with Dendroica; moving Microligea, Xenoligea, and Granatellus from Parulinae to Thraupinae; moving Rhodinocichla from Thraupinae to Parulinae. The subfamily Parulinae is defined by skeletal characters. Construction of a key to the skeletons of warbler genera resulted in separation of 18 genera.

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