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Monitoring Bird Populations Using Mist Nets

Studies in Avian Biology


Table of Contents
List of Authors, v-vi
Preface, vii


Use of Mist Nets as a Tool for Bird Population Monitoring, 1
Erica H. Dunn, C. John Ralph

Breeding Season Evaluations

Effects of Mist-Netting Frequency on Capture Rates at Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) Stations, 7-11
Kenneth M. Burton, David F. DeSante
Monitoring Productivity with Multiple Mist-Net Stations, 12-20
C. John Ralph, Kimberly Hollinger, Sherri L. Miller
Influence of Mist-Netting Intensity on Demographic Investigations of Avian Populations, 21-27
Grant Ballard, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Nadav Nur
Methodology Consideration of the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) Program, 28-45
David F. DeSante, James F. Saracco, Danielle R. O'Grady, Kenneth M Burton, Brett L. Walker
Current Practices in the British Trust for Ornithology Constant Effort Sites Scheme and Comparisons of Temporal Changes in Mist-Net Captures with Changes in Spot-Mapping Counts at the Extensive Scale, 46-56
Will J. Peach, Stephen R. Baillie, Stephen T. Buckland
Relationship of Juveniles Captured in Constant-Effort Netting and Local Abundance, 57-61
Chris R. De Feu, John M. McMeeking
Estimates of Adult Survival, Capture Probability, and Recapture Probability Evaluating and Validating Constant-Effort Mist Netting, 63-70
Nadav Nur, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Grant Ballard
Estimating Adult Survival Rate from between-year Recapture in the British Trust for Ornithology Constant Effort Sites Scheme, 71-74
Will J. Peach, Stephen R. Baillie

Evaluation of Mist Netting Outside the Breeding Season

A European Example of Standardized Mist Netting in Population Studies of Birds, 75-81
Andrea Kaiser, Peter Berthold
Determining Productivity Indices from Age Composition of Migrants Captured for Banding: Problems and Possible Solutions, 82-91
David J. T. Russell
An Investigation of Productivity Indice Derived from Banding of Fall Migrant, 92-96
Erica H. Dunn, David J. T. Russell, Raymond J. Adams
Optimizing the Allocation of Count Days in a Migration Monitoring Program, 97-111
Len Thomas, Geoffrey R. Geupel, Nadav Nur, Grant Ballard
Use of Mist Nets for Monitoring Landbird Autumn Population Trends, and Comparison with Other Methods, 112-115
Peter Berthold
A Comparison of Three Count Methods for Monitoring Songbird Abundance During Spring Migration: Capture, Census, and Estimated Totals, 116-122
Erica H. Dunn, David J. T. Russell, Charle M. Francis, Jon D. McCracken
A Comparison of Constant-Effort Mist Netting Results at a Coastal and Inland New England Site During Migration, 123-134
Christopher C. Rimmer, Steven D. Faccio, Trevor L. Lloyd-Evan, John M. Hagan, III
Mist Netting Trans-Gulf Migrants at Coastal Stopover Sites: The Influence of Spatial and Temporal Variability on Capture Data, 135-143
Theodore R. Simons, Frank R. Moore, Sidney A. Gauthreaux
Bird Population Studies in Puerto Rico Using Mist Nets: General Patterns and Comparisons with Point Counts, 144-150
John Faaborg, Wayne J. Arendt, Katie M. Dugger
Coping with Mist-Net Capture-Rate Bias: Canopy Height and Several Extrinsic Factors, 151-160
Elizabeth P. Mallory, Nicholas Brokaw, Steven C. Hess
Use of Mist Nets for Study of Neotropical Bird Communities, 161-167
Andrew A. Whitman

General Considerations

Some Consequences of Using Count of Bird Banded as Indices to Populations, 168-172
John R. Sauer, William A. Link
On the Use of Capture-Recapture Models in Mist-Net Studies, 173-181
William L. Kendall, John R. Sauer, James D. Nichols, Roger Pradel, James E. Hines
Effectiveness of Informal Banding Training at Three Western Canadian Banding Stations, 182-186
Brenda C. Dale


Recommendations for the Use of Mist Nets for Inventory and Monitoring of Bird Populations, 187-196
C. John Ralph, Erica H. Dunn, Will J. Peach, Colleen M. Handel
Literature Cited, 197-211
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