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The Oriole Volume 77, Numbers 1-2



Adoption of new standardized state pelagic boundaries for Georgia 1-9
Giff Beaton, Jim Flynn, Joel McNeal, Steve Barlow, Walt Chambers, Nathan Farnau, Brad Winn
A preliminary survey of birds killed by window collisions in Georgia based on museum specimens 8-18
Scott Breithaupt, Andrew K. Davis, Richard Hall
Red-tailed hawk attacks Wild Turkey on bait: can baiting affect predation risk? 19-24
Michael Cherry, Vanessa R. Lane, Robert J. Warren, L. Mike Conner

General Notes

Winter bird observations on the South Atlantic bight, Long Bay, South Carolina 25-35
Russ Wigh, Eugene Keferl, Buddy Campbell, William Lotz, Eric Bowles, Steve Calver

Poster Abstracts

Consequences of climate change for fledgling survival of Black-throated Blue Warbers (Setophaga caerulescens) in the Southern Appalachians 36
Joanna Hatt, Robert J. Cooper, Jeffery Hepinstall-Cymerman
As the sparrow flies: how Bachman's Sparrows traverse a fragmented landscape 37
Clark D. Jones, Jason Coombs, Robert J. Cooper

From the Field

From the Field: December 2011 - February 2012 38-50
Richard Hall
From the Field: March - May 2012 51-61
Richard Hall
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