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Marine Ornithology Vol 45 No 1 (2017)

Marine Ornithology


Status and Diet of the European Shag (Mediterranean Subspecies) Phalacrocorax Aristotelis Desmarestii in the Libyan Sea (South Crete) during the Breeding Season 1-9
Stavros M. Xirouchakis, Panagiotis Kasapidis, Aris Christidis, Giorgos Andreou, Ioannis Kontogeorgos, Petros Lymberakis
Updating the Seabird Fauna of Jakarta Bay, Indonesia 11-16
Burung Laut, Jakarta Birder
Diet of Post-Breeding Antarctic Shags Phalacrocorax Bransfieldensis at Cockburn Island, Antarctic Peninsula 17-19
Marianela Beltrán, Gabriela Tavella, Ricardo Casaux
Out-of-Range Sighting of a South Georgian Diving Petrel Pelecanoides Georgicus in the Southeast Atlantic Ocean 21-22
Dominic P. Rollinson, Patrick Cardwell, Andrew De Blocq, Justin R. Nicolau
A Conceptual Framework for the Drivers of Albatross Movement 23-38
Sarah E. Gutowsky
Time Lags Associated With Effects of Oceanic Conditions on Seabird Breeding in the Salish Sea Region of the Northern California Current System 39-42
Rashida S. Smith, Lynelle M. Weldon, James L. Hayward, Shandelle M. Henson
A Two-Egg Clutch or Polygyny? Two White-Phase Chicks in the Nest of a Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes Giganteus at Macquarie Island 43-46
Peter D. Shaughnessy
The Ups And Downs of Ecosystem Engineering by Burrownesting Seabirds on Triangle Island, British Columbia 47-55
Michael S. Rodway, Laurie K. Wilson, Moira J.F. Lemon, Rhonda L. Millikin
First Coastal Record of the White-Tailed Tropicbird Phaethon Lepturus in Costa Rica 57-58
Kas Koenraads, Pablo Elizondo
Plumage Variation, Morphology and Identification of Collared Pterodroma Brevipes and Gould’s P. Leucoptera Petrels 59-65
Dean J. Portelli
Origins of the American Bird Conservancy: Conservation Institution-Building Is Difficult and Unpredictable 67-71
Craig S. Harrison, Stephen D. Eccles, Stanley E. Senner, Cynthia Lenhart
The Breeding Phenology and Distribution of the Band-Rumped Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma Castro on Kaua’i and Lehua Islet, Hawaiian Islands 73-82
Andre F. Raine, Matthew Boone, Matthew McKown, Nick Holmes
Apparent Survival of Royal Tern Thalasseus Maximus and Sandwich Tern T. Sandvicensis at Isles Dernieres Barrier Islands Refuge, Louisiana, USA 83=88
Jeff S. Liechty, Ashlee K. Minor, Megan Nepshinsky, Aaron R. Pierce
Will Drones Reduce Investigator Disturbance to Surface-Nesting Birds? 89-94
Stephanie B. Borrelle, Andrew T. Fletcher
Population Trends and Distribution of Common Murre Uria Aalge Colonies in Washington, 1996–2015 95-102
Susan M. Thomas, James E. Lyons
Caribbean Audubon’s Shearwaters Puffinus Lherminieri Choose Nesting Locations That Improve Male and Female Pre-Laying Exodus Foraging Strategies 103-106
Will Chatfield-Taylor

Book Reviews 107-109
Conservation of Marine and Costal Birds in the Mediterranean - Proceedings of the UNEP-MAP-RAC/SPA Symposium by Yésou, P., Sultana, J., Walmsley, J. & Azafzaf, H., Review by Daniel Oro
Lab Girl by Jahren, H., Review by Pat Baird
Isles of Amnesia: The History, Geography, and Restoration of America's Forgotten Pacific Islands by Rauzon, M.J., Review by David Ainley

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