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North American Bird Bander, Volume 36, Number 3 (2011)

North American Bird Bander

Feature Articles

Estimating Ages of House Wren Nestlings Based on Body Mass, Wing Chord Length, and Feather Tract Development Patterns. 101-110.
William P. Brown, Anne L. Alexander, Dwayne A. Alexander, Marion E. Zuefle, Todd J. Underwood
Test of the Plumage Characteristics Used to Sex Golden-cheeked Warblers in the First Basic Plumage. 110-112.
Rebecca G. Peak, Daniel J. Lusk

News, Notes, and Comments

Corrections to NABB 36(2):65. 113.
Primary Covert Replacement Patterns in the Western Wood-pewee (Contopus sordidulus). 113-115.
Jared D. Wolfe, Robert I. Frey
A Well-traveled Goldfinch. 115-116.
Vernon Kleen, Stephen Davis

Recent Literature

Recent Literature. 116-120.
Glenn L. Gabanski, W.D. "Bill" Laughman, Martin K. McNicholl


Books - Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) in Mount Revelstoke, Banff, Waterton Lakes and Jasper National Parks (1993-2006). 120-121.
Martin K McNicholl

North American Banding Council

North American Banding Council. 122.

Eastern Regional News

Announcement of the 89th Annual Meeting, 30 March-1 April 2012. 123.
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2010. 124-125.
Sue Finnegan
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2010 St. Andrews Bird Banding Station. 126.
Tracey Dean
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2010 Appledore Island Migration Station. 126-127.
Sara Morris
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2010 Manomet Bird Observatory. 127-129.
Trevor Lloyd-Evans
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2010 Wing Island Banding Station. 129.
Susan Finnegan
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2010 Raccoon Ridge Bird Observatory. 130.
Cailin O'Connor Fitzpatrick
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast)- Fall 2010 Dam Pond Maritime Reserve. 130.
George Rowsom
NABC Certification Session. 131.

Inland Regional News

President's Message. 131-132.
Tom Bartlett

Western Regional News

The Revolution from Observatory to Network…and "Where Have All the Data Gone?". 133-134.
C. John Ralph
WBBA's Annual Report of Birds Banded, 2010. 134-145.
Walter H. Sakai
Banders' Marketplace. 146-148.
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