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Mississippi Kite Vol 16 No 1 (July 1986)

Mississippi Kite


A Guide to Birding in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi 2-9
Jerome A. Jackson
First Breeding of the House Finch in Mississippi 10-12
Jerome A. Jackson, Bette J. Schardien Jackson, Malcolm F. Hodges, Jr.
North Mississippi Records of Black-legged Kittiwake, Little Gull, and Common Black-headed Gull 13-16
W. Marvin Davis
An Unusual Red-bellied Woodpecker Nest 17-18
Danny J. Ingold, Jerome A. Jackson
North Mississippi Sighting of a Vermilion Flycatcher 19
Vic Theobald, W. Marvin Davis
First Nesting of the Cliff Swallow on the Mississippi Coast 20-21
James L. Spence, Judith A. Toups
Laughing Gull and Franklin's Gull Records From North Mississippi 22-23
W. Marvin Davis
Massachusetts-Hacked Bald Eagle on the Mississippi Coast 24-25
Jerome A. Jackson, Jack E. Swedberg
A Sight Record of Townsend's Solitaire in Newton County, Mississippi 26-27
Joseph M. McGee
Juvenile Loggerhead Shrike "Begging" from its Prey 28-30
Fred L. Burnside, Jerome A. Jackson
Birds Around the State: December 1985-May 1986 31-39
Jerome A. Jackson
Reviews 39-40
The Horn Island Logs of Walter Inglis Anderson, 2nd ed. by Sugg, Redding S., Jr. Review by Jerome A. Jackson
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