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Mississippi Kite Vol 9 No 1 (July 1979)

Mississippi Kite


Bronzed Cowbird - First Mississippi Records 2-4
Malcolm Hodges, Judith Toups
Band-tailed Pigeon - First State Record for Mississippi 5-6
C. Dwight Cooley, Jerome A. Jackson, Bette J. Schardien, Faye Swan
Recent Notes on the Cliff Swallow in Mississippi 7-9
Wayne C. Weber
Northern Phalarope at Pascagoula - First Photographic Record for Mississippi 9-10
Judith A. Toups, Malcolm B. Hodges, Peter V. Donaldson
A Brant on East Ship Island: First Record for Mississippi 10-11
Wayne C. Weber
Western Wood Pewee at Bellefontaine Beach, Mississippi 12-13
Wayne C. Weber , Larry J. Gates, Judith A. Toups, Georganne Neubauer
First Mississippi Breeding Record of Blue-winged Teal 14-15
Judith A. Toups, Peter V. Donaldson
Vermilion Flycatcher in Issaguena County, Mississippi 15
Louis P. Cashman. Jr.
Birds Around the State: December 1978 through May 1979 16-26
Jerome A. Jackson, Bette J. Schardien
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