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Notes on a collection of birds from Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua: Arkiv for Zoologi 12(8)



In the years 1882 and 1883 the late Docent at the University of Uppsala, Dr. Carl Bovallius, made a journey in Central America, chiefly for zoological purposes. The ornithological collections brought home by him from this expedition were to the main part obtained by the State Museum of Natural History of Stockholm, while a small part of the same came into the possession of the Zoological Museum of the R. University of Uppsala. The former remained, however, partly approximately determined, until the removal of the State Museum to its new building, when at the arrangement of the collections the first Intendant, Professor Dr. Einar Lönnberg entrusted me with the task of revising and determining the birds collected by Dr. Bovallius. The result of this revision is put forth in the present paper. Dr. Bovallius made his collections in the states of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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