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North American Bird Bander, Volume 34, Number 2 (2009)

North American Bird Bander

Feature Articles

Confirming Fall Migration Routes for South Carolina Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, Archilochus colubris. 41-45.
Bill Hilton, Jr.
Unusual Recovery and Longevity Record of a Banded Le Conte's Sparrow 46-49.
Brian Johnson, Lena M. Usyk
Modified Version of the Leg harness Technique for Mounting Radio Transmitters. 50-53.
Michael T. Hallworth, Kyle Parent, Leonard Reitsma
Wing Length and Sex of Hatch-Year Orchard Orioles Determined from Recaptures. 53-58.
William C. Scharf
Sexing California Clapper Rails using Morphological Measurements. 58-64.
Cory T. Overton, Michael L. Casazza, John Y. Takekawa, Tobias M. Rohmer
Remembering Kathy Klimkiewicz- 1943-2008. 64.
Sam Droege

News, Notes Comments

Updates to Four-letter and Six-letter Alpha Codes based on Revisions by the American Ornithologists' Union in 2007-2008. 65-67.
Peter Pyle, David F. DeSante

Recent Literature

Recent Literature. 68-71.
Martin K. Nicholl

Eastern Regional News

A Memorial- Barbara Ross. 71-72.
Mark S. Johnson, Sharon Schwemmer
Eastern Bird Banding Association Annual Meeting Minutes- 2009. 72-74.
EBBA's 85th Annual Meeting Abstracts. 74-77.
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2008. 77-79.
Sue Finnegan
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2008 St. Andrews Bird Banding Station. 78-80.
Tracey Dean
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2008 Appledore Island Migration Station. 80-81.
Sara Morris
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2008 Manomet Bird Observatory. 81-82.
Trevor Lloyd-Evans
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2008 Wing Island Banding Station. 82-83.
Susan Finnegan
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2008 Island Beach State Park. 83.
Glenn R. Mahler

Inland Regional News

IBBA Annual 2009 Conference Announcement. 84.
Valerie Geile
IBBA Annual Report of Birds Banded, 2008. 84-90.
Brent Ortego

Western Regional News

Klamath Bird Observatory Banding in 2008. 91-92.
Robert I. Frey, Jaime L. Stephens, John D. Alexander
Banders' Marketplace. 93-96.

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