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North American Bird Bander, Volume 32, Number 2 (2007)

North American Bird Bander

Feature Articles

An Example of Ruby-throated Hummingbird Survival of a Record May Snowstorm. 57-60.
Robert P. Yunick
Sex Differences in the First Basic Plumage of the Black-capped Vireo. 61-63.
David Cimprich
Morphometrics of Prothonotary Warblers in Oklahoma. 64-67.
Douglas R. Wood
A Preliminary Examination of the Use of Hydrogen Isotope Ratios in Estimating the Natal Latitudes of Hatching-Year Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. 68-75.
Cathie A. Hutcheson, Leonard I. Wassenaar, Lewellyn Hendrix

News, Notes, Comments

More Than Bird Banding. 75-76.
Walter H. Sakai
A Bifurcated Rectrix on a Swainson's Thrush: Potential Insights Into Developmental Processes of Feathers. 76-78.
Kenneth M. Burton, Daniel Froehlich
Field Sparrow (Spizella pusilla) Longevity Record. 78.
Daniel M. Small, Maren E. Gimpel, James G. Gruber
Survival After Banding. 78-80.
Richard Poole, Christine Brown

Recent Literature

Recent Literature. 80-83.
Martin K. McNicholl


Raptors of Eastern North America. 83.
Martin Wernaart
Birds of Mexico and Central America. 83-84.
John Woodcock

Eastern Regional News

EBBA Highlights of Annual Meeting 2007. 85-87.
Abstracts From Papers Given at EBBA's Annual Meeting 23-25 March 2007. 87-91.
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2006. 92-93.
Sue Finnegan
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2006 SW-Laurentian Mountains. 94.
Peter H. Homann
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2006 St. Andrews Bird Banding Station. 94.
Tracey Dean
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2006 Appledore Island Migration Station. 94-95.
Sara Morris
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2006 Wing Island Banding Station. 95-96.
Susan Finnegan
Atlantic Flyway Review: Region I (Northeast) Fall 2005 Island Beach State Park. 96-97.
Glenn R. Mahler

Inland Regional News

IBBA Annual Report of Birds Banded, 2006. 97-103.
Brent Ortego

Western Regional News

Eugene Kridler- Memorium. 104.
Walter H. Sakai
Banders' Marketplace. 105-108.

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