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Black-chinned Hummingbird dispersal from breeding sites in the Edward's Plateau, Texas 1996-2002

Brent Ortego, Artie Richard, Hannah Richard
North American Bird Bander
4 (October - December)
Inland Regional News
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Black-chinned Hummingbird dispersal from breeding sites in the Edward's Plateau, Texas 1996 - 2002.

BRENT ORTEGO, Texas Parks & Wild. Dept, Victoria, TX, ARTIE RICHARD and HANNA RICHARD, Ingram, TX.

Attempts were made to band Black-chinned Hummingbirds (BCHU) twice per day, every day they were available from 1995 thru 2002 in the Edward's Plateau, TX. 11,933 BCHU were banded and 669 recaptured. The effort produced a network of eight banding sites surrounding the home, Ingram, Kerr Co., of Master Bander Hanna Richard where 40% of the birds were banded. Banding sites were positioned 3 and 13 mi NW, 36 mi SW, 5 mi S, 27 mi SE, 3 mi E, and 7 and 11 mi NE. Data were examined to determine site fidelity and survival by age and sex. Recaptures during years following initial banding were highest for HY-M at 7.22%, followed by AHY-F 6.35%, AHY-M 5.21 % and HY-F 3.40%. Age/Sex most likely to be captured at sites different from the one of original banding were HY-M 0.90%, AHY-M 0.64%, AHY-F 0.30% and HY-F 0.11%. Since likelihood of dispersing was probably related to total survival of age/sex classes, ratios of recaptured birds to dispersing birds were developed. One of every eight males recaptured, both AHY and HY, were caught at a different hummingbird banding site. Only one of 21 AHY-F and one of 31 HY-F were recaptured at different banding sites. Thus, males were three times more likely to disperse than females. This likelihood to disperse (site fidelity) needs to be factored into band-return data when analyzing survival.

Banded 2692 3107 2794 3340 11,933
Recaptured 171 162 95 241 669
Moved 8 20 3 30 61
% Moved 0.30% 0.64% 0.11 % 0.90% 0.51%
% Recaptured 6.35% 5.21% 3.40% 7.22% 5.61%
Recaptured/Moved 21 8 31 8
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