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Noteworthy Records of Shearwaters in the Gulf of California

Anthony G. Futcher, Leonard R. Brand
6 (November-December)
Short Communications
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Noteworthy Records of Shearwaters in the Gulf of California.-According to Friedmann et al. (Distr. Checklist of the Birds of Mkxico, I, 1950), the Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) is casual in the Gulf of California, while the Pink-footed Shearwater (P. creatom) is not mentioned for this area.

From 20 to 25 June 1965 we were collecting mammals on islands in the vicinity of Bahia de 10s Angeles, B.C. Our route took us north from Bahia de 10s Angeles along the west coast of Isla Angel de la Guarda to Isla Mejia, south along the east coast of Angel de la Guarda to Isla Partida, Isla Raza, and Isla San Lorenzos, returning from here to Bahia de 10s Angeles via the southern tip of Angel de la Guarda. Sooty Shearwaters were observed continually during the trip. Large concentrations were found east and south of Angel de la Guarda, where we estimated several hundred birds in sight at one time.

South of Angel de la Guarda we occasionally saw shearwaters with white bellies. Positive identification was withheld until a small flock of about 20 birds was seen near Isla Partida. We were within 50 feet of them, and the abundant Sooty Shearwaters afforded excellent comparison.

They were distinctly larger than the Sooty Shearwater, and had a slow wing beat. The bill was light colored. These observations enabled us to eliminate the Manx (= Black-vented) Shearwater, P. puffinus opisthomelus, and to identify the birds as Pink-footed Shearwaters.-ANTHONY G. FUTCHER and LEONARD R. BRAND, Biology Department, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California, 9 May 1966, 

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