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The Least Grebe Recorded Again in Arizona

Seymour H. Levy
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3 (May-June)
From Field and Study

The Least Grebe Recorded Again in Arizona.--While accompanying Levi Packard on a trip through the Altar Valley of Pima County, Arizona, on January 14, 1958, I located a Least Grebe (Pod&# dominicus) at an earthen stock tank 10 miles north of Sasabe and the Mexican border. The tank, located on the Santa Margarita Ranch, is about two acres in area and its banks are grown to mesquite thickets.

The bird when collected proved to be a male. The measurements of the wing and exposed culmen (87.5 and 21.3 mm., respectively) compare well with van Rossem and Hachisuka’s description of Podiceps dominicus bangsi (Trans. San Diego Sot. Nat. Hist., 6, 1937:323). The specimen is now deposited in the United States National Museum.

The only two previously recorded specimens from Arizona are one taken by Huey at Quitobaquito, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on April 28, 1939 (Trans. San Diego Sot. Nat. Hist., 9, 1942: 363) and the other taken by L. L. Hargrave at a pond 6 miles northeast of Tucson on September 26, 1943 (Phillips, Condor, 49, 1947:121).-SEYMOUR H. LEVY, Tucson, Arizona, September 12,1958.  

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