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A White-Winged Dove Record for Northern California

Charles F. Yocom
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3 (May-June)
From Field and Study

A White-winged Dove Record for Northern California.-At 2:00 p.m., on September 14, 1957, I observed a White-winged Dove (Zenuidu asiutica) as it flew across the Arcata-Samoa road one mile west of Arcata, California. The bird was about the size of a Mourning Dove and had noticeable white wing patches and white in its rounded tail.

Later, on November 8, 1957, a White-winged Dove was collected on the Arcata bottoms approximately four miles northwest of Arcata. The bird was seen to fly from a roadside marsh into a patch of teasel (Dipsacus sylvestris) where it was shot. The tail and wing feathers show no signs of wear similar to those of a bird that had been caged. The specimen is now in the Humboldt State College collection.

This appears to be the first record for this species from northern California. Grinnell and Miller (Pac. Coast Avif. No. 27, 1944:77) refer to a record of a White-winged Dove that was seen five miles west of Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, in 1939; this is the northernmost record cited by these authors.-CHARLES F. YOCOM, Division of Natural Resources, Humboldt State College, Arcala, California, November 19, 1957

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