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6 (November-December)

The National Science Foundation will award grants to defray partial travel expenses for a limited number of American scientists who wish to participate in the XIIth International Ornithological Congress which is scheduled to meet in Helsinki, Finland, June 5 to 12, 1958.

Application blanks may be obtained from the National Science Foundation, Washington 25, D.C. Completed application forms must be submitted to the Foundation by January 20, 1958.

The Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of the National Science Foundation announces that the next closing date for receipt of basic research proposals in the life sciences is January 15, 1958.

Proposals received prior to that date will be reviewed at the winter meetings of the Foundation’s advisory panels and disposition will be made approximately four months following the closing date. Proposals received after the January 15, 1958, closing date will be reviewed following the spring closing date of May 15, 1958. Inquiries should be addressed to National Science Foundation, Washington 25, D.C.

The annual index for The Condor for 1957 was prepared by Mrs. Sylvia L. Thomssen, to whom members are much indebted for this valuable aid

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