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Additions, and Corrections to the Check-List of Idaho Birds

M. Dale Darvey
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6 (November-December)
From Field and Study

Additions and Corrections to the Check-list of Idaho Birds.-The Check-lit of the Birds of Idaho (Arvey, Univ. Kansas Publ., Mus. Nat. Hist., 1, 1947:193-216) has been found to have certain errors, and although this article is not intended as a revision of that paper, it may serve to rectify those errors and to clarify the status of some forms from data obtained by additional field work. I am grateful to Dr. Pierce Brodkorb and to Mr. Thomas D. Burleigh for suggestions in regard to this paper.

Accipiter gentilis striatzdus. Goshawk. This bird should be classed as a year-round resident of Idaho rather than as a winter visitor. I found Goshawks breeding in both Custer and Blaine counties in 1948. 

Archilochus alexandri. Black-chinned Hummingbird. I observed this bird in the breeding SeaSon of 1948 along the Portneuf River in Bannock County and it is, therefore, to be expected at least locally in both southern and northern portions of the state rather than in northern Idaho only. Tyrannus tyrannus. Eastern Kingbird. This species nests commonly in at least southeastern Idaho instead of being “casual” in this area. It may be found along most stream beds, or in cultivated areas near farms. I have found it nesting in southwestern Idaho but not so abundantly aa in the southeast.

Certhia familiaris montana. Brown Creeper. The race montana may be added to the state lit, in addition to caurina, on the basis of five specimens obtained 7 miles west of Yellowstone, Fremont County, Idaho, by L. L. Sandidge, in August, 1949. Specimens obtained by me in 1948 in Custer and Blaine counties show characters intermediate between the two forms, caurina and montana.

Vireo huttoni huttoai. Hutton Vireo. This bird was listed by me as resident in Idaho. The specimen listed, however, was originally misidentified, and no specimen of this species has been taken in Idaho to my knowledge. The species must therefore be dropped from the state list.

Vermivora virginiae. Virginia Warbler. A record of this warbler was erroneously reported by me (Condor, 51, 1949:150) as the first for Idaho; the bird had been previously reported by Brodkorb (Auk, 55, 1938:125) from Bear Lake County. The specimen obtained in Bannock County by me is the first for that county, but the third from the state. No doubt Virginia Warblers will be found breeding in more areas of southein Idaho through more extensive field work.

Spizella wborea ochracea. Tree Sparrow. This species is not, according to present data, a resident of Idaho, but should be classed as a migrant, since it nests farther to the north in British Columbia. The nest and eggs indicated in the Check-list (op. cit.) were actually those of Spizella passe&au . wizonae, as indicated in my field notes, and were transcribed incorrectly as those of SpizeEla urborea. -M. DALE ARVEY, Department of Zoological Sciences, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, March 2, 1950. 

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