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Raptor Research, Volume 18, Number 1 (1984)

Journal of Raptor Research
1 (Spring)



History And Present Status of Swainson's Hawks in Southeast Oregon. 1-5.
Arroll D. Littlefield, Steven P. Thompson, Bradley D. Ehlers.
Nesting Biology of Broad-Winged Hawks in Wisconsin. 6-10.
Robert N. Rosenfield.
Raptor Migration in Northwestern Canada And Eastern Alaska, Spring 1982. 11-15.
David P. Mindell, Margaret H. Mindell.
The Effect of Mining And Blasting On Breeding Prairie Falcon (Falco Mexicanus) Occupancy in The Caballo Mountains, New Mexico. 16-19.
James C. Bednarz.
Results of a Helicopter Survey of Cliff Nesting Raptors in a Deep Canyon in Southern Idaho. 20-25.
T. H. Craig, E. H. Craig.
Use of Introduced Perches by Raptors: Experimental Results And Management Implications. 25-29.
Steven E. Reinert.


Kleptoparasitism by White-Tailed Hawk (Buteo Albicaudatus) On Black-Shouldered Kite (Elanus Caeruleus Leucurus) in Southern Texas. 30-31.
Borja Heredia, William S. Clark.
Observations of Nesting Prairie Falcons in The Los Padres National Forest. 31-33.
Wade L. Eakle.
Barred Owls And Nest Boxes. 34-35.
David H. Johnson, Don G. Follen, Sr..
Ground-Nesting by Barn Owls. 36.
Michael E. Tewes.
Unusually Low Nesting Site for American Kestrels (Falco Sparverius). 36.
Clark S. Monson.
Monitoring Bald Eagle Nesting in Baja California, Mexico. 36-37.
Bruce Conant, Albert N. Novara, Charles J. Henny.
The Seasonal Abundance, Habitat Use And Foraging Behavior of Wintering Bald Eagles Haliaeetus Leucocephalus, in West-Central Illinois. 37.
Ecology of Bald Eagles Wintering in Southern Illinois. 37.
"The Peregrine Falcon at Reelfoot Lake". 38.
Murrell Butler.
Instructions for Contributors to Raptor Research: Effective with Volume 18, 1984. 39-40.

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