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Raptor Research, Volume 14, Number 2 (1980)

Journal of Raptor Research
2 (Summer)


Hunting and Prenesting Behavior of the Orange-Breasted Falcon. 35-39.
Douglas A. Boyce, Jr..
Owl Mortality and Abandoned Fishing Line. 40.
Richard L. Knight, Jeff Skriletz, Dana C. Ryan.
Artificial Nest Structures and Grassland Raptors. 41-45.
Richard P. Howard, Mark Hilliard.
Prairie Falcons Nest on an Artificial Ledge. 46-50.
Douglas A. Boyce, Jr., Leon Fisher, William E. Lehman, Bob Hipp, John Peterson.
The Egg of the Ornate Hawk-Eagle (Spizaetus ornatus). 51.
Lloyd F. Kiff, Michael Cunningham.
A Technique for Estimating Barn Owl Prey Biomass. 52-55.
Kirk L. Hamilton.
Osprey Fall Migration at the Ninigret Barrier Beach Conservation Area, Rhode Island. 56-58.
Roy S. Slack, Cathie Baumgartner Slack.
Food Caching Behavior of Nesting Wild Hawk-Owls. 59-60.
Robert Joseph Ritchie.
Successful Releases of Captive Barn Owls. 61-62.
Carl D. Marti, Phillip W. Wagner.
Carrion Utilization by Two Species of Australian Goshawks. 62-63.
Gregory V. Czechura.
Book Reviews. 63-64.
R.B. Treleaven

The Country Life Book of Birds of Prey by Gareth Parry and Rory Putman

Population Ecology of Raptors by Ian Newton


Plan for the New England Regional hawk Migration Conference in April 1981. 40.


Hawk Mt. Research Award. 39.

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