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Studies in Avian Biology

Studies in Avian Biology

1. Status and Distribution of Alaska Birds. 1978.
Brina Kessel and Daniel D. Gibson


2. Shorebirds in Marine Environments. 1979.
Frank A. Pitelka


3. Bird Community Dynamics in a Ponderosa Pine Forest. 1979.
Robert C. Szaro, Russell P. Balda


4. The Avifauna of the South Farallon Islands, California. 1980.
David F. DeSante, David G. Ainley


5. Annual Variation of Daily Energy Expenditure by the Black-billed Magpie: A Study of Thermal and Behavioral Energetics. 1981.
John N. Mugaas, James R. King


6. Estimating Numbers of Terrestrial Birds. 1981.
C. John Ralph, J. Michael Scott


7. Population Ecology of the Dipper (Cinclus mexicanus) in the Front Range of Colorado. 1983.
Frank E. Price, Carl E. Bock


8. Tropical Seabird Biology. 1984.
Ralph W. Schreiber


9. Forest Bird Communities of the Hawaiian Islands: Their Dynamics, Ecology, and Conservation. 1986.
J. Michael Scott, Stephen Mountainspring, Fred L. Ramsey, Cameron B. Kepler


10. Ecology and Behavior of Gulls. 1987.
Judith Latta Hand, William E. Southern, Kees Vermeer


11. Bird Communities at Sea off California: 1975 to 1983. 1987.
Kenneth T. Briggs, WM. Breck Tyler, David B. Lewis, David R. Carlson


12. Biology of the Eared Grebe and Wilson's Phalarope in the Nonbreeding Season: A Study of Adaptations to Saline Lakes. 1988.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.


13. Avian Foraging: Theory, Methodology, and Applications. 1990.
Michael L. Morrison, C. John Ralph, Jared Verner, Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.


14. Auks At Sea. 1990.
Spencer G. Sealy


15. A Century of Avifaunal Change in Western North America. 1993.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., Ned K. Johnson


16. The Northern Goshawk: Ecology and Management. 1993.
William M. Block, Michael L. Morrison, M. Hildegard Reiser


17. Demography of the Northern Spotted Owl. 1996.
Eric D. Forsman, Stephen DeStefano, Martin G. Raphael, R.J. Gutierrez


18. Research and Management of the Brown-Headed Cowbird in Western Landscapes. 1999.
Michael L. Morrison, Linnea S. Hall, Scott K. Robinson, Stephen I. Rothstein, D. Caldwell Hahn, Terrell D. Rich


19. Ecology and Conservation of Grassland Birds of the Western Hemisphere. 1999.
Peter D. Vickery, James R. Herkert


20. Stopover Ecology of Nearctic-Neotropical Landbird Migrants: Habitat Relations and Conservation Implications. 2000.
Frank R. Moore


21. Avian Research at the Savannah River Site: A Model For Intergrating Basic Research and Long-Term Management. 2000.
John B. Dunning, Jr., John C. Kilgo


22. Evolution, Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Hawaiian Birds: a Vanishing Avifauna. 2001.
J. M. Scott, S. Conant, C. Van Riper, III


23. Geographic Variation in Size and Shape of Savannah Sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis) . 2001.
James D. Rising


24. The Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow: Migration and Reproduction at High Altitude. 2002.
Martin L. Morton


25. Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Birds in Western Landscapes: Contrasts with Paradigms from the Eastern United States. 2002.
T. Luke George, David S. Dobkin


26. Ecology and Conservation of the Willow Flycatcher. 2003.
Mark K. Sogge, Barbara E. Kus, Susan J. Sferra, Mary J. Whitfield


27. Ecology and Conservation of Birds of the Salton Sink: An Endangered Ecosystem. 2004
W. David Shuford, K.C. Molina


28. Noncooperative Breeding in the California Scrub-Jay. 2004
William J. Carmen


29. Monitoring Bird Populations Using Mist Nets. 2004.
C. John Ralph, Erica H. Dunne


30. Fire and Avian Ecology in North America. 2005.
Victoria A. Saab, Hugh D. W. Powell


31. The Northern Goshawk: A Technical Assessment of Its Status, Ecology, and Management. 2006
Michael L. Morrison


32. Terrestrial Vertebrates of Tidal Marshes: Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation. 2006.
Russell Greenberg, Jesus E. Maldonado, Sam Droege, and Victoria McDonald, Associate Editors


33. At-Sea Distribution and Abundance of Seabirds off Southern California: A 20-Year Comparison. 2007.
J.W. Mason, G.J. McChesney, W.R. McIver, H.R. Carter,J.Y. Takekawa, R.T. Golightly, J.T. Ackerman, D.L. Orthmeyer, W.M. Perry, J.L. Yee, M.O. Pierson, M.D. McCrary


34. Beyond Mayfield: Measurement of Nest-Survival Data. 2007.
Stephanie L. Jones, Geoffrey R. Geupel


35. Foraging Dynamics of Seabirds in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean. 2007.
Larry B. Spear, David G. Ainley, William A. Walker


36. Status of the Red Knot (Calidris Canutus Rufa) in the Western Hemisphere. 2008.
Allan J. Baker, Amanda D. Dey, Brian A. Harrington, Carmen Espoz, Clive D. T. Minton, Danel E. Hernandez, Humphrey P. Sitters, Ines L. Serrano, Karen A. Bennett, Kathleen E. Clark, Kevin S. Kalasz, Lawrence J. Niles, Mark K. Peck, Nigel A. Clark, Patricia M. Gonzalez, Philip W. Atkinson, R. I. Guy Morrison, Ricardo N. Matus, Richard G. Lathrop, Robert A. Robinson, Roberto Carmona, William Pitts


37. Birds of the US-Mexico Borderlands: Distribution, Ecology, and Conservation. 2008.
Janet Ruth, Tim Brush, David Krueper, Associate Editors


Studies in Avian Biology is a series of works too long for The Condor and is published at irregular intervals. Some volumes are monographs and others are multi-authored collections of chapters organized around a theme. As with The Condor, acceptance of individual manuscripts and proceedings as a whole is based on scientific merit. All manuscripts undergo external peer review.

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Studies in Avian Biology

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