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The birds of southeastern Egypt

Goodman, S.M. and Abdel Mowla Atta, G. 1987.
The birds of southeastern Egypt.
Le Gerfaut, 77: 3–41.


The only previous work dealing exclusively with the birds of southeastern Egypt was recently published by Goodman (1984). Southeastern Egypt is defined as 26° N Lat. to the north, the Sudanese border to the south, the Red Sea coast to the east and 33° E Long, to the west (but also including the Qift–Quseir road). We were able to visit this region from 30 January to 15 February 1983 and 20 March to 2 April 1983 and can greatly supplement material presented in Goodman’s previous work. In these two papers 124 species have been recorded in the area (115 presented herein) of which 54 are known or presumed breeding residents (49 presented herein). Information on trans-Red Sea migration is also summarized.

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