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Eastern Bird Banding Association News, Volume 39, Issue 1 (1975)

Eastern Bird Banding Association News


President's Message. 2.
Chris N. Rose, Sr.
Weight, Wing Length, and Fat Class Measurements of Living Tree Sparrows (Spizella arborea). 3-7.
Kenneth W. Prescott.
Separation of a Dependent Bluebird Fledgling from Its Parents and Boodmates. 8-9.
Benedict C. Pinkowski.
Population Estimate for the American Kestrel in the Great Valley Section of Pennsylvania. 9-16.
G. Robert Ganis.
Corrigendum. 16.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
A Bird Bander's Diary. 17-19.
William Townsend.
In Pursuit of the Short-eared Owl. 19-20.
G.C. Meleney.
Oyster Shells Attract Barn Swallows. 20-21.
John P. Merrill.
A Tale of Two Finches. 21-23.
Robert P. Yunick.
Song Sparrow with Disappearing Tumor. 23-24.
Mrs. Roger W. Foy.
Thoughts of a Backyard Bander. 24-25.
Boletta J. Morris.
Editor's Notes. 25.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
Eastern Bird Banding Association Annual Meeting Announcement 1976. 26.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
EBBA's 52nd Annual Meeting: Oglebay Park, Wheeling, W. Va. April 4-6, 1975. 31-34.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
Banders' Aids. 35.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.
Call for Papers for Joint EBBA-NEBBA Annual Meeting Chevy Chase MD 1976. 38.
Frederick S. Schaeffer.

Bander's Shoptalk

Preventing Net Casualties. 27-30.
Anne Shreve.

Book Review

Review: A portfolio of New Zealand Birds by Bruce Harvey. 36.
Donald S. Heintzelman.
Review: The Invisible Pyramid by Loren Eiseley. 36-37.
Donald S. Heintzelman.
Review: A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Europe by L.G. Higgins and N.D. Riley. 37.
Donald S. Heintzelman.
Review: An Atlas of Speciation in African Passerine Birds by B.P. Hall and R.E. Moreau. 37-38.
Donald S. Heintzelman.

Letters to the Editor

Policy Procedure for the Issuance of New Jersey Banding Permits. 39.
Russell A. Cookingham.
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