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The Era of Allan Phillips: A Festschrift

Compiled by R.W. Dickerman

Published by Horizon Communications, Albuquerque, NM 1997

ISBN 10:  0913945587 / ISBN 13:  9780913945582

Made available on SORA by permission of the publisher


Biography of Allan R. Phillips, 1914-1996
R.W. Dickerman
The ornithological contributions of Allan R. Phillips
J.P. Hubbard
The name of Lawrence's Flycatcher
R.C. Banks
Taxonomy of Picoides pubescens (Downy Woodpecker) from the Pacific Northwest
M.R. Browning
Resumen avifaunístico de Nuevo León, México
A.J. Contreras-Balderas
Geographic Variation in Southwestern U.S. and Mexican Spotted Owls, with Description of a New Subspecies
R.W. Dickerman
Estructura trófica y cambios estacionales de las aves en el matorral desértico micrófilo (Larrea tridentata) en el Valle de Cuatrociénegas, Coahuila, México
J.A. Garcia-Salas, A.J. Contreras-Balderas, and Y.J.I. Gonzáles-Rojas
Studio preliminar de la ornitofauna reproductora del matorral alto espinoso (Prosopis glandulosa - acacia gregii) del valle de Cuatrociénegas, Coahuila, México
José I. González-Rojas, Armando J. Contreras-Balderas, Mohammad H. Badii
Allan R. Phillips and the development of ornithology as a science in Arizona
R.R. Johnson, J.M. Simpson, and L.T. Haight
Avian biogeography in the islands of the Pacific coast of western Panama
S.L. Olson
A concentration of Dickcissels in Sinaloa, Mexico
G. Monson
Allan Phillips and the Flammulated Owl
J.T. Marshall
Towards a less-imperfect understanding of the systematics and biogeography of the Clapper and King Rail complex (Rallus longirostris and R. elegans)
S.L. Olson
Comparative foraging ecology of Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers (Aves:  Picidae)
H. Ouellet
The Northern Cardinals of the Caribbean slope of Mexico, with the description of an additional subspecies from Yucatán
K.C. Parkes
The lessons of Catharus thrushes revisited
M.A. Patten
Avian biodiversity:  how many species and subspecies of recent birds exist(ed)?
A.R. Phillips
A further examination of wing and tail formulae in Empidonax and Contopus flycatchers
P. Pyle
Molt, retained flight feathers and age in North American hummingbirds
P. Pyle, S.N.G. Howell, and G.M. Yanega
The indeterminate parrot of Nuevo León
A.M. Rea
Taxonomy of the Brown Creeper in California
P. Unitt and A.M. Rea
Skeletal characters and the genera of warblers
J.D. Webster
A new form of Aanabacerthia variegaticeps (Furnariidae) from western Mexico
K. Winker
Taxa named in honor of Allan R. Phillips
R.W. Dickerman and K.C. Parks
Taxa described by Allan R. Phillips, 1939 - 1994: A Critical List
R. W. Dickerman and K.C. Parks
The publications of Allan R. Phillips
J.P. Hubbard, E.C. Espinoza, and R.W. Dickerman

A Review of The Era of Allan Phillips: A Festschrift by Ned K. Johnson (Wilson Bulletin, No. 112, March 2000)

Era of Allan Phillips: A Festschrift

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