SORA Updates for 2017

Ohio Cardinal, Volumes 1 through 39, added in February

North American Bird Bander Volume 36, Issues 1-4 added in March; missing articles for Volumes 30 and 31 added in July

Missing articles added for Western Birds, Volume 38, Number 4

Marine Ornithology Volume 45, Number 1 added in May; missing article for Volume 16, Number 1 added in June

Wader Study Group Bulletin #64, Supplement, articles added in June

The Oriole, Volume 77, Issues 1-4 added in July

The Era of Allan R. Phillips:  A Festschrift added in August

Studies in Avian Biology, Numbers 1, 26, 27, 28, and 29 added, and individual article PDFs created for all; missing articles added for Number 31 in February

Mississippi Kite, added Volumes 12 through 47



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