SORA Updates for 2017

Ohio Cardinal, Volumes 1 through 39, added in February

North American Bird Bander Volume 36, Issues 1-4 added in March; missing articles for Volumes 30 and 31 added in July

Missing articles added for Western Birds, Volume 38, Number 4

Marine Ornithology Volume 45, Number 1 added in May; missing article for Volume 16, Number 1 added in June

Wader Study Group Bulletin #64, Supplement, articles added in June

The Oriole, Volume 77, Issues 1-4 added in July

The Era of Allan R. Phillips:  A Festschrift added in August

Mississippi Kite, added Volumes 12 through 47, added in Summer

Studies in Avian Biology, Numbers 1, 26, 27, 28, and 29 added in September, and individual article PDFs created for all in September; missing articles added for Number 31 in February

Florida Field Naturalist, added Volumes 43 through 45 in November


Many thanks to Scholarly Communication Graduate Fellow Pamela Herrington for all her work on SORA in 2017!

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